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This Python tool ‘Malwoverview’ performs an initial and quick triage of malware samples, URLs and hashes

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‘Malwoverview’ is a first response tool to check initial and fast triage in a directory containing malware samples, specific malware samples, suspect URLs, and domains. Additionally, it allows to download and send samples to main online sandboxes. Main Tasks: Group different malware samples(PE/PE+) according to the import table (imphash)  and mark them with different colors. ….  Read More

‘Kombu’ is a messaging Python library worth trying

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‘Kombu’ is a very intuitive Python library for messaging. The goal of ‘Kombu’ is to make messaging in Python very simple and easy to use by providing an idiomatic high-level interface for the AMQ protocol and also provide proven and tested solutions to common messaging problems. Features: It allows application authors to support several message ….  Read More

This Python library ‘Tsaug’ can be used for time series augmentation

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‘Tsaug’ is a lightweight and handy Python library which can be used for time series augmentation. It provides a set of augmentation methods with unified APIs for time series. Apart from methods, it also provides operators to connect multiple augmenters into a pipeline. Installation Alternatively Github: Github:

This Python library ‘PyTasking’ can provide easy interface for multitasking

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PyTasking is a A simple Python library for Python 3.5+ that provides an easy interface for multitasking. Github: Installation Source Include the directory pytasking in your project root directory. If on Linux/MacOS; run python -m pip install -r requirements.txt. PyPi Run pip install pytasking. Example: A basic Python case (Copied from )

Cornerstone Widget; A Jupyter library tool for the Cornerstone Medical Image Viewing Library

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This Widget can help to look into medical and health tech images easily using the CornerstoneJS library in the browser. The library tool offers multiple functionalities like zoom, windowing, panning, regions of interest, painting, polygons, and beyond.  Github: Tutorial: Installation (Source: To install use pip: For a development installation (requires npm),

‘LabelImg’, a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images

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LabelImg is a python based graphical image annotation tool. It uses Qt for its graphical interface. Github: Installation Build from source Linux/Ubuntu/Mac requires at least Python 2.6  Ubuntu Linux Python 2 + Qt4 Python 3 + Qt5 (Recommended) Full Tutorials: Demo Video Citation: Tzutalin. LabelImg. Git code (2015).